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Video from the exhibition at Lazinc Gallery Mayfair London 2018

Change is an essential property of existence.

Movement, the capacity to evolve and to develop, is a basic property of matter.

"We are working about the "perception" and not the "representation"… its the direct relationship beetween  the use of the senses and the capacity of decipher the incoming informations that nowadays should be more and more important to discern"

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Miaz Brothers at the MUCA Collection Munich


“In the portraits of the Miaz Brothers, the true portraitist is not the artist with his technique, but the observer and his imagination.

 Jacopo Perfetti, Entrepreneur and Writer, 2017 

MiazBrothers_Young_Lady_17_2018_63,5 x 7

¨For us is a way to express our idea of ourselves as humans, sensible toward the environment, to the experiences as we continually evolving and adapting.

By removing the details, the eye cannot focus on the picture like it does on everyday items. you re forced to pause and think and create by yourself an image, a resemblance.¨

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text by Prof. Marco Meneguzzo,art critic 2012

A blurred face is like an erased word in a document. Immediately becomes the "key" of the entire text, where we fix our gaze and attention. Our mind is willing to do anything to "recognize" to see the outlines of a face that you may not know that you know not to know. It does not matter."Focus" is a necessity: it means to regain control of the real, which measures perceptions of their own, calculate distances, putting people in space and at the same time giving the space a dimension. Unlike photography, where you can always extract the reality of a face (it is the favorite game of all TV cop of the digital age ...), the painting is inexorable , that face will be invisible for all eternity.


November 2023

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August 2017

New York Time Magazine

"Self-revolution" critic text by Louis Perez Pont   2013

(Director of the Museum del Carmen  Valencia Spain)

Doing something revolutionary without looking like it , is not easy. The work of Miaz Brothers represents a revolution in the field of emotions. The chemistry of his works with the viewer activates possibly dormant springs. These are pictorial works that convey values ​​that are not exempt from intention through an aesthetic communication. For the brothers Roberto and Renato Miaz art can fulfill a function capable of revolutionizing the perception of the individual, to lead it to other levels of understanding of reality. They start from the basis of understanding that what we see is in reality an image that does not exist as such, since everything is in constant transformation and transience is the only possible state. 

“The Miaz Brothers have been a revelation since their initial show with us back in 2013. We love what they do and just hoped it would be reciprocated by the art loving public. Both shows with us have been sell outs and hugely well attended. We are back with our third show together and they have built on those successes to give us an absolute knock out show. ” Steve Lazarides,  Co-Founder, Lazinc

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-Anonymity in the digital age is increasingly rare, but as the cases of Satoshi Nagamoto (Bitcoin) and Banksy teach, "not having a face" contributes to becoming famous. Do your works represent a counter-trend compared to the search for celebrity, also theorized by Wahrol, given that your portraits present nebulized faces? What did you get inspired from?

We were inspired by a set of concepts that we have collected over the years of philosophical research ... we read a lot, traveled, met so many people, learned many things to be able to define ourselves, man ... and we came to the simple conclusion that we can indeed define the fact that it would not be a real act and it is from this point that for us it was a revelation, the denial of hyperrealism, of certainty, of the clear line that tries to stop a moment that never stops, of attempt to immortalize a moment that is overcome, to describe a character, a person who is the next moment to get different ..

(extract from a miazbrothers interview.)



tv show (2019)

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ad italia
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