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Roberto 1965 and Renato 1968 born in Monza, Milano.

Art and Science hi school

Art and European design University.

Generally when we tell people, that we are two brothers and we work and live together in harmony, they look at us astonished, as if it were an incredible thing.

Since we were children it has been a natural journey for us to enjoy to play and create adventures that over time has turned into an artistic-creative process.

The first goal we set ourselves was to accumulate life experiences, technical skills and philosophical ideas in order to have the widest possible range of expression, surviving capacities and a taste of the meaning of life.

We immediately avoided the classic high school - academy - gallery path.

The spirit that guided our choices was that typical of the Renaissance artist, eclectic, multi-faceted, universal, interested in facing the most diverse disciplines.

When in 1996 we started in Milan with an installation in via Farini Gallery on genetics and visual perception:

1996 "Piercing" in the Via Farini gallery and "Timecode",

1996 Hyperspace

we had already tested art installations in the major trend clubs that far surpassed those in the art gallery in terms of impact and audience.

Discos of "trend" means with innovative, experimental, futuristic sound emissions as were our installations, a mixture of sounds, lights and settings in order to emotionally and positively charge the viewer and make them live a completely new reality.

The idea of ​​operating in "unconventional" spaces with an audience of thousands of young people of our generation allowed us to enjoy the results of the spectator-work interaction in real time, to see the installation "live" in its context.

When over the years the musical flow has become standardized and commercialized and the cycle of an effervescent and fruitful era has reached its end even our interests and our efforts have been directed towards new directions thanks also to the advent of the first Personal Computers.

Although in the early times we looked at the "new medium" with distrust, fearful of losing the magic of manual and physical activity, we ventured into the digital world with determination, dedicating ourselves thoroughly to the study of multiple virtual applications, discovering much more effective solutions for designing and presentation.

Thus the idea developed to propose creative projects to companies targeting our own target, who had an international visibility and were able to accept our alternative proposals.

The work of art for us was the very act of interacting with those huge entities. Saint George and the dragon.

In our search for improvement, these "one shot" incursions, that is without a continuous relationship, but a company-a project, represented a possibility of knowing and interacting with increasingly complex realities that could always be improved, moving away from the concept of " he works in the gallery "to venture towards an idea of ​​a more global work of art that is coherent with our lifestyle that required a lot of free time to cultivate our humanistic and philosophical interests.

From 1996 to 2000 we collaborated with Adidas, Swatch, Piaggio

and Nike and several other companies, proposing projects of social intervention and artistic awareness trying to adopt alternative strategies.

With the beginning of the new millennium we felt we were ready to open a new chapter and we left for New York in search of new adventures.

As tradition dictates, the metropolis immediately welcomed us with enthusiasm and, following multiple opportunities, we headed towards the field of photography which for us was still to be explored.

We began with an experimental technique that at the time was new and immediately proved to be very interesting.

In the summer of 2001 we were about to settle in Manhattan when the impossible became possible  and so our american dreams went in pause... Consequently to continue the project we had to move to Paris, where we lived for five years working and experimenting.

In this period we have collaborated with Elite, Diesel, Puma, Kenzo, and others.

finally we have achieved the bases for a certain economic and cultural independence to be able to dedicate our time entirely to the painting interest that since childhood, remained our first field of investigation and fun. although it remained limited to the walls of the houses, flats, basements, tents, bungalows, cabins, we lived in,  painting has always been our special time.

the reason why we focused our efforts on painting was because on the international scene it seemed to us the most in crisis activity and in need of new inputs, representing for us an attractive subject of study.

For about two years we have traveled between South America and South East Asia, collecting human experiences and discovering new cultures, giving us time to develope thoughts on any interesting matter, subject,  we could represent in two dimensions.

In 2008 we arrived in Amsterdam and begun the first full-time experiments throughout a winter ... the results were satisfactory so we looked for a tactical base where to establish ourselves and start working intensely. The choice fell on the city of Valencia in Spain where we moved  and worked on the idea  that well sums up our understandings.

after spending several years in Spain we decided to move to London where our representative gallery was based.From 2014 Steve Lazarides began to represent our work with several exhibitions in the city and we could hang out with the best artist from his roster, and the British art scene from JR to Whils,from Antony Micallef to Connor Harrington, selling the first two entire shows to the Damien Hirst collection. Eventually the Lazinc gallery closed and we where offered a residency with Maddox gallery at their Shepherd Market location in Mayfair.

Even after Covid19 began to spread all around the world we where lucky enough to be able to continue to work in the new space.

In 2022 the MUCA (Museum of Urban ART in Munich acquired two large canvases for their permanent collection. 

ad italia
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