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"Self-revolution" critic text by Louis Perez Pont   2013

(Director of the Museum del Carmen  Valencia Spain)

Doing something revolutionary without looking like it , is not easy. The work of Miaz Brothers represents a revolution in the field of emotions. The chemistry of his works with the viewer activates possibly dormant springs. These are pictorial works that convey values ​​that are not exempt from intention through an aesthetic communication. For the brothers Roberto and Renato Miaz art can fulfill a function capable of revolutionizing the perception of the individual, to lead it to other levels of understanding of reality. They start from the basis of understanding that what we see is in reality an image that does not exist as such, since everything is in constant transformation and transience is the only possible state.

For their exhibition at the pazYcomedias gallery they show works from three of their series: "Ghost series" and "Masters series" belonging to "Antimatters series" and pieces from "Matter series". In his works, the concepts of matter and antimatter are related. The blurred images of "Antimatters series" are made from thousands of colored dots applied by air gun; they never touch the surface of the canvas. Not a single line has been used to make two points in the execution of these works, since the line represents for the authors a barrier that would break the balance and the proportion that maintains them. Its ethereal aspect shows us an instant of composition or decomposition of the human form, as part of the transient being that represents evolution. The moment of detachment of the material embodied in these works is framed in the reflection that sustains the thesis of the artists about the need to perform an exercise of liberation in this world loaded with stimuli subject to the solid, in a society too linked to the apprehension of objects, in individuals who have conditioned their idea of ​​happiness to that of possession in all areas of the vital, also in the field of feelings.


The works that are part of the different series integrated in "Antimatters series" are a formalization of the lightness of those who have managed to live light of luggage, oblivious to the ties of chronic materialism that has defined a global drift that currently shows some of its worst effects. What is called a crisis is, in fact, a sign of depletion of the basic principles of ideology that in recent decades has manifested itself in a dominant way. That which takes shape is only the representation of our ideas and beliefs, we have at our disposal the ability, and also the possibility, to build another reality based on new ideas and unmediated ways of approaching the understanding of the facts.

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